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We believe that an understanding and appreciation of the goodness in people helps us all to thrive, living fulfilling, thoughtful and joy-filled days. Offering a helping hand to lift people up when they are down, spiritually, emotionally or physically, is one of the things that brings joy and meaning to this journey that we call life. Hopefully, with a sense of caring and consideration, we can grow together in living fully as a community overflowing in kindness.

Seeing, Caring, Sharing…

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Welcome to OmniKind. We hope you will find some joy, peace, laughter and inspiration here.

The purpose of OmniKind is twofold.

Firstly, we’re striving to create a place where we can see, share and enjoy the many great kindnesses of people around this weird and wonderful world.

Secondly, we’d like to highlight the challenges of some people among us, particularly those in need of food and shelter, and show how we can help them, in simple ways, towards making their lives easier.

“There but for the grace of God go I”                      ~ John Bradford

Thank you for spending some time today with the OmniKind community.


In a nutshell, we are developing the OmniKind community to shine a light, hopefully ever-so brightly, on the great kindnesses of people around, and indeed, among us. 


Thankfully there are many organisations whose purpose is to help and feed the hungry people in the world.


Charity Water are doing steadfast work in bringing fresh clean water to people and places where needed.


Both by seeing people where they are, and by providing comfort.


Habitat for Humanity are doing brilliant work in building homes for people who need them.


In our understanding, we all become involved in the world we live in by building an awareness of the people and places around us, taking this awareness to a place of understanding and compassion, which can, as peoples needs present themselves, move us towards helping these people where and when we can. Seeing, Caring, Sharing...

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