OmniKind Purpose…

Welcome to OmniKind; thanks for stopping by.

The Purpose here is twofold, well threefold really, as follows:

1.      To be a place to come, see and share moments of great kindness within the world.

Even with all the difficulty and hardships around us, thankfully there is an abundant overflowing of pure kindness and thoughtfulness towards others happening moment by moment throughout this wonderful world. Here we try to show some of this beauty in thought, word and deed, in the hope of uplifting the spirits in making this day a little brighter.

2.      To build awareness of people less fortunate, who are suffering from terrible hunger.

Unfortunately, in 2023, for all the advances we have made, in science, technology, and broadening our minds towards understanding the world, and giving us comfortable lives, generally speaking, there are still so many people throughout our world, who suffer each day with hunger. Hard to imagine, with all the so-called advances we have made in the last 50 years alone, that there are currently 829 million people living in daily fear of starving, and going to bed hungry at night. And to think, with a little awareness, and a helping hand, it doesn’t need to be so…

3.       To provide an opportunity, by spending a little time with OmniKind, to help these people.

Maybe each of us can’t do a lot to help these unfortunate people, though to paraphrase Mother Teresa, “To do little acts for people, with great love…” will make all the difference. I hope you will join me in seeing OmniKind as a place to drop in on, now and again, to do little acts of kindness, with great love…

Thank you for being here.